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             I could hear deep-sea diving, uncluttered bass right from the start. The mid to high range was crystal clear and transparent, And so coherent The Maximus reminded me of being in the recording studio during my days; when orchestral music played, I felt like being the conductor, with the full ensemble wrapping around me. The sound stage was wide open and layered like a big onion. Incredible detail and microdynamics C you wouldnt to search for them, theyd come and get you. This is the most revealing speaker Ive ever encountered.


- David Kan, Reviewer -





          The Maximus-Monitor (for vertical placement) and Maximus-Monitor(H) (for horizontal placement) sound systems are mainly designed to meet the critical requirements for the both Pro Audios and Home Hi-Fi applications satisfaction.




             One outstanding 6.5 SX woofer is mounted onto a limited-size 13.5L (0.47 cu. Ft) CAM solid surfacing enclosure with the system F3 to go deep down to amazing 38Hz; combined with a pair-matched DM-1 AMT wideband driver to cover 800Hz-22KHz wideband with 30 horizontal dispersion (within 800Hz-8KHz range). Mark & Daniel® has successfully created a remarkable sound product with outstanding clarity, super dynamic output, and true high-end sound reproduction beyond imagination to any compact bookshelf speakers ever made!


             The enclosures are very solid and heavy, each weighting 14.7Kg (32 lb); the nominal impedance is 3-6 ohms with average efficiency being 85dB/2.83V/1m. For proper operation, a high current amplifier with 100 watts output (or above) is recommended for the Maximus-Monitor.





Product Description:  Maximus-Monitor Speaker

                  Maximus-Monitor (H) Speaker

Frequency Response:  38Hz-22KHz

Two-way Crossover:  800Hz

Nominal Impedance:  3-6 Ohms

Average Efficiency:  85dB/2.83V/1m

Power Handling:  R 100 Watts per channel

Enclosure Material:  CAM solid surfacing

Overall Size:  H36.5 xW21.6 xD28.5 cm (V)

                       H21.6 xW36.5 xD28.5 cm (H)

                       H14.4 xW8.5 xD11.2(V)

                       H8.5 xW14.4 xD11.2(H)

Weight (each):  14.7 Kg (32 lb)







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