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Floor-standing Speaker



           The new generation Muse-III-Mk2 is a slim-designed floor-standing speaker with the inherited true hi-fi performance capability, the best C/P value, and the most cost-effective product among Mark & Daniel® speaker lines.  Muse-III-Mk2 has been developed for both AV multi-channel and stereo 2-ch playback applications, as the main R/L speakers for homes. The compact size and stunning sonic performance of the Muse-III-Mk2 floor stander enables it to be used in the average rooms where a full range, high fidelity speaker is desired, where space is at a premium, and where budget is also a major concern, as the Muse-III-Mk2 slim tower also eliminates the expense of an additional speaker stand.

           This two-way Muse-III-Mk2 speaker features one M&D’s new modular DM-6b Dreams AMT wideband tweeter with the exclusive 0.0125mm super-thin diaphragm design. The DM-6b  driver is installed on the front panel to cover a very wide audio range from 950Hz up to 25KHz. This Air Motion Transformer transcends an amazing 5-octave bandwidth for superb detail and impressive dispersion characteristics.

* DM6b:  http://mark-daniel.com/index.asp?Proid=27&table=sdr

            Two HX-5.5 woofers with powerful ±5.0mm (0.4”) bass cone excursion have been crafted into the Muse-III-Mk2 speaker, creating an outstanding 40Hz bass reproduction and high SPL output under such a small floor-standing enclosure!

* HX-5.5:  http://mark-daniel.com/index.asp?Proid=29&table=sdr

muse3-mk2-01m .jpg  muse3-mk2-05m.jpg

           Not counting the bottom platform, the Muse-III-Mk2 has a slim dimensions: H109cm (42.9“), x W17.0cm (6.7”), x D14.0cm (5.5“). A CAM solid surfacing enclosure with a diamond shaped panel effectively reduces sound diffraction interference while enhancing the aesthetically pleasing design. The Muse-III-Mk2 is very solid and heavy, each weighing 20.5Kg (45lb) for such a small cabinet.

* CAM enclosure:  http://mark-daniel.com/index.asp?ID=9&table=faq

The Muse-III-Mk2 floorstander is equipped with a metal grille on the front panel for proper protection of the woofer. Due to the high porosity of the grille, and because the woofer only extends to the mid-bass range, the grille’s interference with sound reproduction is negligible. Therefore, it is not necessary to remove the grille from the panel during use. 


            The nominal impedance is 4-6 Ohms with average efficiency being 87dB/2.83V/1m and over 100Watts power handling. A power amplifier with over 60 watts output per channel is recommended to properly drive the Muse-III-Mk2 speaker.

* Power Handling:  http://mark-daniel.com/index.asp?ID=19&table=faq

           For better sound performance and cost saving, two mid-power (35-60 Watts) amplifiers can be configured as the bi-amp playback system, as recommended by M&D.

* Bi-amp configuration: http://www.mark-daniel.com/index.asp?ID=18&table=faq 


muse3-mk2-02m.jpg    muse3-mk2-03m.jpg


Product Description:  Muse-III-Mk2 Floor-standing Speaker 
Reference Price: 
 US$3,200/pair, for standard colors 
Standard Colors:  Solid White (Code: MD1002) 
                            - Starry Black (Code: MD1423) 
                           Special colors are under request 
Frequency Response:  40Hz-25KHz 
Two-way Crossover:  950Hz 
Nominal Impedance:  4-6 Ohms 
Average Efficiency:  87 dB/2.83V/1m 
Power Handling:  ≥100 Watts 
Enclosure Material:  CAM solid surfacing 
Enclosure Size:  H109 xW17.0 xD14.0 cm  (H42.9” xW6.7” xD5.5”) 
Size with Base:  H112.5 xW 24.0 xD20.0 cm (H44.3” xW9.5” xD7.9”) 
Weight (each):  20.5Kg (45lb)





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