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The Active Super Bass System




         Conceived and shaped from Chinese “Qin Dynasty” concept , the paired Ultrumax-Sub-IIa deep bass enclosures are able to create a more powerful deep bass output over the Ultrumax-Sub-Ia. Each -Sub-IIa enclosure is not only a conventional active-mode subwoofer but may also be independently used as a part of the main/left or main/right, full-spectrum floor-standing speaker for deep bass playback and to support M&D’s Ultrumax series products, including: 

Ultrumax-U1a, Ultrumax-U2aUltrumax-U2a-ST, Ultrumax-M1, or Ultrumax-M1-ST unit

on enclosure’s top in a same time. The application of Ultrumax-Sub-IIa is suitable for medium and large audition rooms.    


         An (Sub-I/IIa) electronic module equipped on Ultrumax-Sub-IIa enclosure’s backside has one 150 Watts amplifier build-in to proper drive the assembled 8-inch heavy weight woofer for deep bass reproduction; to effectively save the cost for purchase additional power amplifier, the corresponded 100W output terminals on the module can perfectly drive the matched Ultrumax-U1a/-U2a/-M1 unit on -Sub-IIa’s enclosure top, through a pair of speaker cable.



 Ultrumax-Sub-IIa Enclosure


         This stylish -Sub-IIa enclosure is handmade by reinforced, low resonant CAM compound marble solid surface enclosure and has the following dimensions: W40 xD30 xH80cm (W15.7" xD11.8" xH31.5"). This enclosure structure is extremely strong and heavy, each -Sub-IIa enclosure weighs up to 34 Kg (75lb).

         The total height of this floostander as a whole when place Ultrumax-U1a on enclosure’s top is 100cm (39.4”), the height is 115cm (45.3”) when connected with Ultrumax-U2a, and the height is up to 121cm (47.6”) when placed Ultrumax-U2a-ST on it;  for connected with Ultrumax-M1, the height is 103cm (45.6") and the height is up to 109cm (42.9”) when placed Ultrumax-M1-ST on it



         One HX-8.0-0.6 woofer driver weighting up to 2.3Kg and with the large Ø120x35mm magnets to yield a ±7.5mm (0.6”) very high Xmax excursion capability is carefully selected for the Ultrumax-Sub-IIa super bass system. This woofer has been mounted on the enclosure front panel; matching with the build-in 150W high power amplifier can carry down to 33Hz (-6dB) deep bass under the low distortion and high SPL characteristics.


         For the Sub-I/IIa electronic module on enclosure’s backside, a special 2.1 amplification structure has been developed; this electronic module has employed a variety of high-quality components and has designed the versatile structure for flexible connections. Three sets of power amplifier are composed of high performance TPA3116D2 digital power SMT chip + military grade PCB, matching with full-compliant switching power supply and the other quality electronic parts, all together to ensure the required sound quality and system stability.


         It is quite easy to proper place the Ultrumax-U1a/-U2a/-M1 units firmly onto the -Sub-IIa enclosure’s top.  First to insert the attached short metal bar into -Sub-IIa enclosure's top tray then place Ultrumax-U1a/-U2a/-M1 unit insert onto the metal bar through its bottom tray; please note that before the insertion, two industrial O-rings should be sleeved to the metal bar’s two ends from about 1cm (0.4”) distance, then smoothly do the insertions to ensure a firm and steady installation for this Ultrumax floor-standing speaker system, as shown on the photo. 

ultrumax-sub2-13-2m.jpg ultrumax-sub2-8m.jpg



Sub-I/IIa Electronics Module, Control Panel



Sub-I/IIa Electronics Module, I/O Section:


         When plug-in these connectors with the corresponded Left or Right channel signal, each -Sub-IIa enclosure acts as a super-bass speaker to reproduce the deep bass frequencies lower than 200Hz; additional 100W signal output may be used to perfect drive M&D’s Ultrumax-U1a/-U2a/-M1 speakers to reproduce the music content from 200Hz to 20KHz through the connection of the corresponded ⑤ banana terminals.




① Line In:

The RCA inputs for the stereo Left and Right channels, mainly connected from the home hi-fi equipment such as pre-amplifier, DVD players, and so forth.


② Balanced In:

The XLR inputs for the stereo Left and Right channels through balanced cables, mainly connected from the professional audio equipment, PA system, or some hi-end preamplifier.


③ High Level In,④ High Level Out:

When you decide to use your own high-quality amplifier for driving Ultrumax-U1a/-U2a/-M1 speakers; first connect speaker cables from amplifier output to corresponded L/R terminals ③, then use another pair cable to connect Ultrumax-U1a/-U2a/-M1 speakers from the terminals ④. 

This is the case that Ultrumax-Sub-IIa used as a simple sub-woofer to reproduce deep bass signals lower than 200Hz frequencies; and the power output ⑤ may be skipped.


⑤ Left/Right Channel Output:

Stereo or two-channel output terminals driven by two build-in high quality 100 Watts digital power amplifiers; connect the corresponded speakers through cables.


Sub-I/IIa Electronics Module, Total Panel:



⑥ Volume:

The master volume control for both deep bass reproduction and ⑤ 100W outputs in a same time.

There is a center-point latching function for this Volume knob. Unless the input signal has been unusually low, it is recommended to set this Volume knob at the 12 o’clock point so be able to get a balanced, precision output level. 


⑦ Sub Level

- The level controller forSub-I/IIa module’s deep bass (under 200Hz) sound output.


⑧ Crossover:

The adjustable controller of crossover frequency in between 200Hz to 80Hz.

When the -Sub-IIa enclosure is used to match with Ultrumax-U1a/-U2a/-M1 speakers, please set the Crossover knob around 200Hz (the counterclockwise end).


⑨ AC Input section:

This section includes AC power socket, fuse socket (with 3A-5A, Ø5x20mm fuse), and AC power switch; please note there is a mark for 110V or 220V mode of this Sub-I/IIa module, wrongly AC power plug-in may cause the damage and/or malfunction of the equipment! 

Caution: High Voltage hazard!! Do not try to open the electronic module.


*Application Note:

Based on experiences, most users tend to tune a too strong bass output when initially use a subwoofer speaker, especially while enjoying the AV films; yet for a music playback may not need that exaggerating and unbalanced bass replay, most of audiophiles may feel unnatural and/or uncomfortable for too rich bass reproduction during a true hi-fi auditioning.

- There are many factors for one subwoofer to affect the sound quality during music playback such as for its specific placement in the room, the placement of left/right main speakers, careful ⑦ Sub Level setting, precision ⑧ Crossover frequency adjustment/selection, etc.  In order to get the best sound for Ultrumax-Sub-IIa speakers to match with your sound system, through the long-term audition and careful adjustment is very important.

User's purpose of the system that required from this super bass reproducer is another major factor to affect the overall performance and sound balance; such as if it is regularly used for true hi-fi music reproduction, is mainly for background music listening most of time, or is used for the AV system to enjoy an audio-visual shock effect, and so forth.  In order to obtain the most suitable sound effect for personal needs, it is recommended that to proper mark down your best setting for Sub-I/II control panel’s clock scales (on the master volume, deep bass level, and crossover point) under the different application scenarios.

- Since Ultrumax-Sub-IIa may need fine-tuning according to the application scenario, it is recommended that it be placed in a suitable position easy to access for its control panel.





★  Product Specifications: 

Product Name: Ultrumax-Sub-IIa, Active Super Bass System

Reference Price: US$ 3,800/pair.

Internal Power Amps: Class-D, 150Wx1 for subwoofer,100Wx2 for L/R outputs

Line-level Input Sensitivity: 500mV r.m.s. @ 10KΩ

Hi-Level Input: 1V r.m.s. @ 10KΩ

Low Pass Filter for Subwoofer: 200Hz - 80Hz, Adjustable

Frequency Response: 33Hz – 200Hz

AC Power Input:AC 110V 60Hz, or 220V 50Hz as specified

Idle Power Consumption:≤ 10 Watts

Maximum Power Consumption: 250 Watts,continuous

Enclosure Material: Compound Artificial Marble

Standard Colors:    Phantom White (MD-1011) + Starry Black (MD-1423) 

Enclosure Overall Size: W40 x D30 x H 80cm (W15.4”xD15.7”x14.6”)

Total Weight: 34Kg (75lb)

* Remark:AC power cord is not included due to the different AC socket standards





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