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Apollo-Center Speaker



            The Apollo-Center is the most advanced, high-end speaker designed and engineered by Mark & Daniel®. All our pioneering concepts and state-of-the-art technologies have been integrated into this unique center unit. With high energy and high power capability, compact sized center speaker is uncompromisingly suitable for large home theater, hi-end auditorium as well as pro-audio applications aiming to achieve absolute sonic attributes and commanding performance.


           Apollo-Center has been crafted as a two way, dual-woofer (plus one omni-directional super tweeter, as an option) center-channel speaker. With two exceptionally powerful 8 SX woofers and one oversized DM-5a Dreams wideband AMT driver, Apollo-Center is able to project great dynamic contrast with ultra-high resolution for sound details, from whispering level up to a truly loud and clear audio signal while maintaining the M&D signature sound. That means the Apollo-Center is not only truthful to reproduction of the bandwidth especially critical for the human voice but also instrumental in synergizing with your M&D system to achieve seamless coherence to enhance your surround experience.



           With the light speed advancements in various AV technologies in recent years, the role and importance of the center channel speaker is becoming indubitable. Regrettably traditional perception has left the center channel speakers in limbo and most of them remain in complacently siple design that lags far behind todays high performance requirements. The Apollo-Center speaker not only includes those unique features exclusive to the entire M&D product lines, it also pioneers into breakthrough concepts that surpass conventional center speakers:

Single enclosure with built-in independent chamber architecture that separates and seals off the SX woofers, the Dreams AMT driver and the crossover network, ensuring unparalleled and vibrantly clean sound reproduction with minimal interferences from one element to another.


With the provisional space on enclosure top, the Omni-Harmonizer as an optional item may be adopted to further improve HF response from 20KHz to 35KHz in 360-degree omni-directional dispersion to obtain more vividly open spatiality.


This center system is completely hand-made and painstakingly crafted to every minute detail from costly compound marble (CAM) C M&Ds unique commitment to rock solid stability and long-lasting aesthetic value. 





  Two exceptional SX8.0a-1.4-8 woofers featuring M&Ds unique Super Xmax plus QMA (Quantified Magnets Alignment) technology, each woofer enables a spectacular 18 mm (1.4) linear excursion that is unparalleled in the industry and over-engineered to handle even the most critical requirement for ultra-high dynamic reproduction.


Although one 8 SX woofer per channel would have been sufficiently capable of yielding an unfailing bass response down to 28Hz (please refer to Fantasia-S speaker), in order to ensure a truly high dynamic output and super fast bass transient response that two 8 SX woofers are employed in Apollo-Center while the system F3 has been deliberately limited to 50Hz for an ideal working parameter. These two woofers have been assembled onto the outer sides of Apollo-Centers front panel, each in its own sealed chamber, yielding an optimized transient response (system Qt=0.7 at 50Hz) that is free of distortion even at exceedingly high sound pressure level.


Capable of an exceptionally wide frequency range from mid to high, 900Hz up to 20KHz specifically, M&Ds oversized DM-5a Dreams AMT driver is mounted between the two woofers on the front panel of the Apollo-Center for imaging accuracy. The sonic characteristic of this proven single wideband driver has been well known among audiophiles for unparalleled clarity and detailed articulation at any sound volume level, and high dynamic output fit for any sizable home theater or listening room.


 Advanced crossover-network circuitry has been implemented in the Apollo-Center and the network is installed in an independent chamber behind the Dreams chamber totally isolating the crossover components from the pressurized environment. This arrangement eliminates potential microphonics which is often present in conventional single chamber speakers.


           A dedicated, hybrid 12dB/octave crossover network has been painstakingly aligned for perfect matching with these outstanding drivers. Essential components such as large 15 Gauge coreless inductors and true audio-grade FPP (with 0.06% super low dissipation factor) coupling capacitor have been incorporated into this speaker to fulfill the system demands.





On the back panel, there are two pairs of speaker binding posts for bi-wire application. For proper operation, a high current amplifier with 100 Watts (@8 Ohms) output per channel connected with bi-wire speaker cables or two pairs of speaker cables are required to drive the Apollo-Center. For better sound performance, two amplifiers configured for bi-amp driving the system may be considered.


An optional omni-directional super tweeter, the Omni-Harmonizer may be placed in the cradle atop the Apollo-Center and parallel-connected to the HF speaker posts with a short pair of jumper cable. Apollo-Centers high frequency response will be further enhanced from 20KHz up to 35KHz, imbuing lifelike ambience with HF harmonics naturally dispersed in 360 degree around the room.


There are four implant bolt preinstalled into the Apollo-Centers bottom to accept the factory-supplied spikes. In home theater or music room application, simply place the speaker on a firm platform and then secure the spikes C 2 fixed for the rear and 2 adjustable on the front to help attaining the best tilt angle. Should Apollo-Center be used as PA speakers in auditorium, you might consider making use of the implant bolts as auxiliary securing device to suspend the speakers from the ceiling or anchor to the walls. Since each Apollo-Center weighs 41 kg/90 lb (that without including the Omni-Harmonizer), please observe safety rules and pay special attention to make sure the appropriate hardware and anchoring devices are used and securely installed, and all weight/load limits are strictly followed and not exceeded. Mark & Daniel shall not be responsible for any damages or injuries.




  Crafted in precious compound artificial marble (CAM), the hand-made stylish Apollo-Center speaker is extremely solid and strong. Without the Omni-Harmonizer, each center speaker unit weighs up to 41kg (90 lb) and measures 76cm W x 36cm D x 25.4cm H (30 W x 14.2 D x 10 H).





Product Description:   Apollo-Center Speaker

Ref. Price:  US$4,600/unit for standard colors (w/o Omni-Harmonizer)

Optional Extra: US$550/unit for Omni-Harmonizer

Standard Colors:  - Solid White (Code: MD1002)

                            - Starry Black (Code: MD1423)

                * Special colors are under request 

Frequency Response:  50Hz-20KHz  (w/o Omni-Harmonizer),

                                   50Hz-35KHz  (with Omni-Harmonizer),

Two-way Crossover:  900Hz

Nominal Impedance:  4-8 Ohms

Average Efficiency:  87dB/2.83V/1m

Power Handling:  250 Watts

Enclosure Material:  CAM solid surfacing

Enclosur Size:  W76cm xD36cm xH25.4cm  (W30xD14.2xH10 )

Net Weight:  41.0 Kg (90 lb), (without Omni-Harmonizer)

                     43.5Kg (96 lb),  (with Omni-Harmonizer)





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