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SX Series, a Great Innovation to Woofers



            M&Ds patented SX series woofer typically has a 10mm (0.8) linear excursion for the 5.5 and 6.5 drivers; and an amazing 15mm (1.2) Xmax for the 8 & 10 drivers.  This is at least double the linear excursion ability seen on most Hi-Fi drivers in the market today!






 Compared with similar sized drivers, the SX unit is capable of reproducing deeper, undistorted bass with a much higher SPL and dynamic output capability.
 Under the same SPL requirement, a much smaller enclosure of the SX driver is now achievable. For example, at half the cone size, it requires 4 times Xmax, but needs only 1/16 the enclosure volume. Thats why M&Ds is capable to make the speaker enclosure so small yet come out with the outstanding bass reproduction.
            Under the sealed enclosure application, a good conventional 5 woofer with 4.5mm (0.35) linear excursion from the market, is able to reproduce a sound pressure to 99.5dB at 50Hz in theory; but observing our 5 SX driver with a 10mm (0.8) Xmax, the undistorted SPL output can reach to 106.5dB under the same conditions.  This is an outstanding output of 5 times (7.0dB) more acoustic power than conventional woofers! 
            The SX driver is indeed, the more critically superior Hi-Fi element in speaker design today.










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