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800Hz to 4 KHz the Essence of True Hi-Fi



            A few examinations the entire spectrum of human hearing research have proven, time and again, that people are most responsive and sensitive to the mid-range frequencies from about 800Hz to 4 KHz band.  This means that for true hi-fi sound reproduction, this mid-range band should never be impaired as possible. Therefore:
 For hi-fi speaker systems, a single driver capable of covering the complete frequency range from 800Hz to 4 KHz is essential.
 Avoiding any crossover point within this mid-range band is necessary to avoid sound quality impairment by different drivers.
 A flat frequency response with even dispersion and phase characteristics in this range is also important to keep the sound integrity. 

frequency response-m.png

            To properly implement these requirements for a two-way speaker system, we need to either find an wideband tweeter that is capable of covering the spectrum from 800Hz to 20KHz (to cover about 5 octaves), or to build an unique woofer that may satisfactorily respond from 40Hz up to 4KHz (for over 6 octaves).  Due to many physical and fabricating limitations, there are only a handful of such drivers available at very high cost which may be meet these critical targets.  Most speaker manufacturers today have no choice but to compromise their 2-way speakers by selecting a crossover point within this very sensitive Mid Frequency band (typically, inserted somewhere between 1.5KHz to 3.5KHz).
            This unfortunate audio engineering compromise is suddenly a relic of the past, for now Mark & Daniel has created the wideband Dreams AMT driver!!







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