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M&D® Speaker Systems, General




            Mark & Daniel® Audio Labs have created and designed high-end audio products since 2004, specializing in R&D for sonic drivers and speaker systems as well as CAM solid surfacing applications, with the goal of creating audio systems capable of true, superlative hi-fi reproduction.

            The creation of a true Hi-Fi speaker has seen perhaps the slowest progress in the hi fi industry over the past hundred years. Achieving significant breakthroughs in speaker technology against the limitations of physical acoustics has been extraordinarily difficult; quite a few famous speakers made decades ago are still considered “monumental” or “one of the best speakers” today -- which implies, on the other hand, that insufficient progress has been achieved in making today’s hi-fi speaker systems.

            Speaker drivers and/or systems are actually electromechanical transducers for three dimensional conversions, i.e. the transformation of electrical energy as mechanical vibrations, and then the accurate transformation of these mechanical vibrations through the air to reach human ears. Any parameter change introduced among these three complexities will result in sound reproduction that is varied and uneven. The infinitely possible routes to the same goal make the speaker industry fun yet true challenging, with the result that there are no two speakers systems made which sound exactly identical. Today, the finest modern materials and advanced technologies have been tried to make the most ideal sounding transducers, yet making a “dream” hi-fi speaker is still far from reality. The simple fact is, that human beings are still being defeated by the laws of natural physics. 

            For example: No matter how hard we try, it is still not possible for us to make one driver which will respond to a full range of audio frequencies (from 20Hz-20KHz), while achieving great dynamic output capability and sound quality without being degraded (with very low FMD) at the same time; nor can we put one woofer into a tiny enclosure (less than 1 cubic ft.) and achieve true strong, deep bass reproduction (down to 20Hz-40Hz, for instance) with very high sensitivity (over 100dB, for instance). There are many physical limitations and contradictions that tell us that such “a mission impossible” cannot be achieved; compromises are unavoidable while we struggle to find the best solutions.

            M&D travelled a different path. We started creating speakers by first launching a thorough study and understanding of fundamental acoustic physics in order to discover the best possible approach to achieve real, significant innovations in the creation of the most ideal, true hi-fi speaker systems. Through their research, M&D has overcome the three primary restrictions facing the further development of the hi-fi speaker industry today. These are:

 1)  A too narrow operating bandwidth for tweeters
 2)  Insufficient driving dynamics for the woofers
 3) Lack of Frequency Modulation Distortion control degrades sound clarity

            By successfully tackling these limitations with their unique creativity and originality, M&D has pioneered a “Conceptual Revolution” in high fidelity music reproduction that is very different from today’s mainstream speakers.  The results represent a profound innovation for both driving modules. With their unique wideband Dreams AMT high-resolution driver for tweeters, and their patented SX technology for woofers, M&D have created the specifications and engineered the sound for tomorrow’s speakers
            All M&D speakers, no matter what size or application, have the same basic system structure and outstanding sound quality due to the following unique features:
 All M&D speaker systems feature our exclusive, exceptional 2-way, low-crossover design; plus an omni-directional super tweeter to improve the sound especially for our hi-end products.
 M&D’s Dreams wideband, high resolution, low FMD AMT driver has been employed in every speaker model, to ensure perfect reproduction of the essential Mid Frequency band (800Hz to 4KHz) and High Frequency band.
♥ All woofers installed in M&D’s speakers have very long linear excursion capability, which is at least 7dB (5 times) higher the normal, for deeper bass output compared to the same size of other conventional drivers, due to our patented Super Xmax technology.
 A hand-made enclosure crafted with costly CAM solid surfacing material has been used in the creation of M&D speaker cabinets, in order to properly handle the enormous internal sound pressure created by our exceptional SX woofer.

* CAM:http://www.mark-daniel.com/index.asp?ID=9&table=faq







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