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     Mark & Daniel® Sound Systems    

        Mark & Daniel® Audio Labs has designed and manufactured his high-end audio products since 2004, specializing in R&D for sound drivers and speaker systems as well as the CAM solid surfacing applications with the goal of creating systems capable of true hi-fi reproduction.

         Through their work, M&D has overcome three primary restrictions in the development of hi-fi speaker systems today. These are:
     1) Too narrow an operating bandwidth for tweeters;
     2) Insufficient driving dynamics to woofers;
     3) Lack of FMD control degrades sound clarity.
        By successfully tackling these limitations, M&D has pioneered a ¡°Conceptional Revolution¡± in high fidelity music reproduction.

            Mark & Daniel has achieved a breakthrough in speaker design that re-defines speaker systems based on true hi-fi fundamentals. Referring the Air Motion Transformer (AMT) principle invented by Dr. Oscar Heil in the 1970s, M&D had developed his own version Dreams AMT wideband drivers to resolve the tweeters bandwidth limitation; a patented super linear excursion (the Super Xmax) technology also employed to dramatically increasing woofers dynamic ability under very high sound reproductions. The results are a profound innovation for the audio driving modules; M&D has engineered the sound for tomorrow¡¯s speakers!          
       Mark & Daniel is the first, also the only manufacturer applying the expensive CAM solid surface for making his full-line speakers in this world; in spite of its high cost and low productivity, CAM does own many true sound reproduction properties for building speakers over the wooden enclosures indeed.
            Unique drivers with leading technology and the special Compound Marble hand-crafted enclosures produce clarity of sound that simply must be heard to be believed. All major components are developed and crafted ¡°in-house¡± for unparalleled performance.
       A full-range product line of Mark & Daniel speakers is available for your selection now! The Muse series is a great choice for hi-end AV speaker applications. For hi-fi reproduction, many start with our state-of-art 4" Maximus-Mini miniature speakers, the 5.5¡± Maximus-Ruby/-Diamond, or the 6.5¡± Maximus-Monitor bookshelf speakers. The 8¡± versatile Aragorn sound system is a superb choice for demanding audiophiles; the most advanced 8¡± Fantasia-S and 10¡° Apollo or Fantasia-Cello floor-standing sound systems can re-produce enough low-end bass to shake any listening room while providing stunning clarity and transparency to the upper end of the audio spectrum. And featuring the wireless audio-grade active speaker, M&D¡¯s new versatile Maximus-Opal-air4 sound system may fit for almost any applications that shall deserve your special attention!
    All speakers produced by Mark & Daniel have unified hi-end sound quality. The only real difference is their output capability which should be tailored to fit different listening environments.
         These products are profoundly different from today¡¯s audio mainstream. They embody both a unique character and stunning performance. Indeed, Mark & Daniel Audio Labs has produced some of the most original and unique speakers in the market place today!
       Based on years experience of making the CAM (Compound Artificial Marble) products, Mark & Daniel has also developed his own solid surfacing series for the engineering needs. Due to the high C/P value and good craftsmanship, M&D CAM has been supplying for thousands of new stores and commercial spaces to many different customers. M&D is capable to solve your problems on the solid surfacing; please check: www.mark-n-daniel.com and welcome to contact us if you are interested.          
           We urge you to try the Mark & Daniel sound systems and judge for yourself; please also feel free to visit the web sites. There will be regular updates and new M&D products are expected to be announced in the near future. And if you find something of interest, or if you would like to audition the amazing sound of M&D products, or if you simply need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Mark & Daniel Audio Labs, Copyright © All Rights Reserved. since 2004